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InDesign Magazine Articles Are Coming to InDesignSecrets!


Hey folks, it’s your friendly Editor-in-Chief here, with an exciting announcement to make! Starting today, Premium Members will have a new way to read InDesign Magazine articles—right here on the InDesignSecrets website!

InDesign Magazine articles are now on InDesignSecrets

Published magazine articles will now appear on the homepage alongside all our other fresh content. And if you’re logged into the site with a Premium Membership, you can read full magazine articles right in your browser. Like any other InDesignSecrets articles, you can add your questions and comments, and share links via social media. Also, you’ll be able to search for these articles and find them easily, since they’ll be tagged with the issue number and a Premium Content tag, in addition to tags for the actual content.


If you’re not a Premium Member (or just not logged in), you’ll still see magazine articles on the site, but you’ll only be able to read the first few paragraphs. Naturally, we hope that making some great magazine content more discoverable will entice more folks to become Premium Members.

We’re also excited about this change since it gives Premium Members a new way to get at the magazine content without having to download and open a PDF.

The first magazine articles to appear will be those from the current issue, #82. We will be rolling them out one at a time over the next few weeks, starting today with Claudia McCue’s fantastic take on the New Rules for Printing. And we’ll do a similar thing going forward with issue #83 and beyond. Articles from back issues are coming too, as we start the enormous (and enormously exciting) job of getting over ten years worth of InDesign Magazine content out of PDFs and onto the Web so you can get your hands on it faster and easier than ever before.

So check out The New Rules for Printing, be on the lookout for more magazine articles coming soon, and please let us know what you think!

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  • This is something we’ve been talking about doing for YEARS. I’m so excited to actually see it happening!

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    A terrific idea!

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