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InDesign CC 2019 Updated

Adobe has released the first update to InDesign CC 2019 (14.0.1).

Run the updater from the Creative Cloud app.

You’re going to want to run this one soon, because it fixes a host of issues, including the aggravating Text tool pause when you start up InDesign. Here’s the official list.

Stability fixes

  • InDesign crashes while importing certain Word files.
  • InDesign crashes while switching context after dismissing Tint slide in the Properties panel.
  • Adding or changing formatting of text in an anchored text box with Auto-fit Height enabled causes InDesign to crash.
  • InDesign crashes on launch in certain scenarios.
  • InDesign crashes while importing some PNG files.
  • InDesign crashes while opening Styles drop-down from Properties panel for some specific fonts.
  • InDesign crashes while using Content-Aware Fit in certain conditions.
  • InDesign crashes while moving text frames with Indent To Here and Baseline Grid alignment.

Key issues fixed

  • Text tool response is delayed on application start up and while switching to Text tool.
  • Color settings in InDesign revert to default.
  • Applying font style from the Find More tab appends style name in the font family field.
  • Unable to apply font if fonts are filtered by Activated Adobe Fonts in Find More tab.
  • Unable to export PDF with some presets, when a PDF containing embedded Type 3 fonts is placed in the document.
  • Control Panel, when un-docked, becomes blank upon resizing.
  • Extra space is added between characters while creating outline.
  • Clicking document installed font from the fonts list displays a message to “Activate Font” and does not change font.
  • Export to PDF converts text with certain fonts to All Caps.
  • Nested styles do not work as expected.

You can see this list, plus the many fixes that were included with the first release of InDesign CC 2019 (14.0), here.

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  • Dwayne Harris says:

    Did Adobe also change the update default settings?

    I ask because the other night I had to do some updates and I checked the options and “delete previous versions” was checked. I remember years ago it was checked and people had to be careful, but then Adobe changed the default so it was unchecked.

    Now it’s checked again. Good thing I looked again.

    • Mike Rankin Mike Rankin says:

      Since this is just an update, not a new version, it shouldn’t affect anything but CC 2019. FWIW, when I first installed CC 2019 (14.0) all my previous versions were left untouched, so I don’t think any of my settings were changed.

  • profeivan says:

    I don t know but this new version only allows 3 undos! Please fix it

  • Nick Cuccia says:

    Since updating a few minutes ago, I notice that, on placing/drawing out a photo on a page, I’ve lost the forced proportional drawing of images. In other words, a vertical would draw only as a vertical, a horizontal as a horizontal. Now a vertical draws in a horizontal frame, as if forcing “Fit content proportionally” and I have to double-click on the frame handle to snap it to the photo. Has this default changed or am I doing something wrong here?

  • Nick Cuccia says:

    It appeared to be something with the particular photo (from my iPhone) that was making that happen; other photos weren’t doing it.

  • Anya Krogh Schlosser says:

    I hope they soon will find a fix for the color settings as well. When changing it in Bridge, it does not stay changed, and make wrong colors in Indesign, Illustartor etc. And you need to change it everytime you start the applications. Also some fonts doesnt work in the new edition :(

  • Nick says:

    Did they fix the color profile issue!

  • Nick Topolski says:

    Did they fix the color profile issue?

  • Anthony Picco says:

    why did they mess with the drop down menu in fonts? where did my short list of recent fonts used go???

  • Has anyone not been able to update to this newer version?

  • James says:

    I hate the new document that pops up. Would prefer to go direct to document set-up. I work in numerous page sizes and find this more of a hassle than an advantage.

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