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This article is from August 9, 2010, and is no longer current.

InDesign 7.0.2 Update Now Available


Adobe just released the latest update to InDesign (7.0.2) this morning.
(7.0.1 was a minor update released only for the German and Swedish Mac OS systems shortly after the shipment of CS5.)

The most exciting development of this update is that the Document Fonts feature now works on the Mac. InDesign 7.0.0 did not recognize PostScript or TrueType fonts in the document fonts folder, but this update fixes this issue. It now works as advertised.

List of Resolved Issues


InDesign CS5 fails to recognize file usage by other users when working in a mixed Windows/Macintosh environment. [2607326]* (see http//

Export Graphics

A white line is displayed across the screen on first export to SWF. [2632882]*


German & Swedish Mac OS only: Hitting Return key while editing text inserts a column break. [2619608]

Mac OS 10.6 only: System font Helvetica Neue.ttc styles conflict with the postscript version of Helvetica Neue styles. [2597446]*
Type1 fonts do not get recognized in the Document Fonts folder. [2606245]*

User Interface

German mistranslation of “Optical Margin Alignment”. [2615552]

Unable to enter decimal values in Timing panel on non-Western language operating systems. [2621425]*

PDF Import/Export

InDesign-created SWFs do not scale properly when placed and exported to an Interactive PDF. [2629720]*


Extension Manager does not display the correct version number for updated InDesign plug-ins. [2624194]*

InDesign unexpected quits on launch in updaternotifications.dll on Windows XP SP3. [2629572]*

InDesign unexpectedly quit on launch after disabling plug-in loading using Extension Manager or PluginConfig.txt. [2608844]*

James Fritz is a Principal Program Manager: Content Tools and Workflows at LinkedIn.
  • F vd Geest says:

    The Hyperlink bug? (Hyperlinks with hyphens that break?)

  • F vd Geest says:

    Nope, just tested it on:
    and the bug is still there!!! It splits this webadres in two URL’s…


  • Another big fix in 7.02 is that they fixed the .idlk naming problem that caused some InCopy/InDesign workflows to break. I’ve been checking the site daily to see when this was being released! I need to jump over to and post it.

  • I’m not seeing the 7.02 update in Adobe’s Updates section. Are you? My “check for updates” in InDesign isn’t seeing it either.

  • James Fritz says:

    My Adobe CS5 Updater went off this morning telling me that I had three updates. (ID, IC & IL). At work all of our computers in our computer lab were asking for the updates (Mac and PC). I did check the adobe website and I don’t see the manual download link yet. I guess you have to wait while it updates on their server for you.

  • Bob Levine says:

    AM, my updater popped up as soon as booted my machine. I haven’t heard if they fixed the background PDF export issue, either. But it was still being discussed in the U2U forums last week so I would tend to doubt it.

  • James Wamser says:

    I’m glad they (finally) got it to recognize PostScript and TrueType fonts in the document fonts folder. Much more practical now!

  • Jongware says:

    And the other big Document Fonts bug: small caps?

  • Johan says:


    What about that bug in exporting for epub. Links got lost was it not?

  • Wolf Eigner says:

    Another issue obviously still not resolved: the Text Flattening Bug. With flattening settings created in CS5, the ?convert text to outlines? feature fails to do what it promises. ?Inherited? settings (created in CS4 or older) still work as expected.

  • Uwe Laubender says:

    @Wolf: according to Dov Isaacs of Adobe it is no bug. See the following post:

    this post
    this one.
    So it’s a bug in the previewer?

  • Uwe Laubender says:

    OT: Is there a way to edit my comment? Though working, links are not as I like ’em? ;-)

  • @Uwe: We hope to regain the option for people to edit their comments in a future site redesign; right now, the technology is broken. My apologies. I have “fixed” your links to make them look a bit better.

  • André says:

    How about the “Frame edge highlighting” control. This update was a great opportunity to give us the power to turn it off.

  • @Andre, it is extremely rare (perhaps never?) that Adobe releases any kind of user-interface change in a “dot release” like this. This is just for fixing bugs, typically they’re bugs that cause the biggest problems for the largest customers or the largest number of users.

  • Wolf Eigner says:

    @Uwe: Thanks for the links. Though I have to agree with Sir Dov in general, I?d also like to point out that Adobe is granting us some pretty ridiculous freedom in other places, e.g. by letting us skew characters from ?85° to +85°! So why not let users choose something like ?convert all text to outlines whether it makes sense or not?? I?d really prefer Adobe practising ?printer education? by expanding cool possibilities rather than by ruling out ?bad habits?. Just saying ?

  • Malik Aziz says:

    STILL NOT FIXED for German versions:

    ENTER doesn’t trigger »OK« on requesters anymore since CS5. Return only. I use that often so I hoped it was fixed now. In fact, it isn’t.

  • After I downloaded and installed 7.0.2 update for MAC, it turned out to be the old version.

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