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InDesign 16.2 Released


Adobe has released another bug fix for InDesign 2021. The 16.2 release addresses issues related to GREP searches, accessibility, CC Libraries, Adobe Fonts, Share for Review, color swatches, and more. You can read the details here. One new feature that did not get included in the list of updates was an option to automatically set the Optical Size value of variable fonts based on font size. You can read the details of how that works here.

The rollout of InDesign 16.2 will be done in phases, so don’t worry if you don’t see it in your Creative Cloud app yet. If you’re anxious to get the fixes as soon as possible, you can choose Help > Check for Updates in the CC app.

Update: It appears that the rollout of 16.2 has been paused after many users complained of a new bug where horizontal yellow lines appear in exports like JPGs and Publish Online. The bug is currently under review by the InDesign team.

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  • Shane Smith says:

    I’m not sure how anybody else uses this program with so many bugs. Spans bugs, text boxes ignoring alignment, Content jumping to other pages even if there is room for the content, duplicating styles sometimes doesn’t allow you to rename it… It’s not right that we are forced to use industry standard program and it never works as it should.

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