Idée's Recognition–based Image Tracking Service Monitors 20 Million Images

As the tide of digital production and electronic distribution has grown in today’s media and entertainment industry, Idée Inc., a visual search and image recognition company, has been quietly watching over the collections of some of the world’s biggest image license holders. Today Idée monitors more than 20 million client images using its recognition-based image tracking and allows its customers to find out exactly where their images have been used in print and on the web.

"Idée’s proprietary image recognition technologies are the result of almost a decade of internal research and development. We continue to be an industry leader in our capabilities to deliver automated content-monitoring solutions to our media, entertainment and photo wire service clients," said Leila Boujnane, Chief Executive Officer of Idée Inc.

As content has grown in online stock and editorial image collections, the needs of copyright holders to monitor uses of their images have grown exponentially. An expanding need to streamline billing practices, coupled with a troubling rise in misuses and infringements, has made comprehensive and reliable image monitoring a greater necessity than ever before. Idée’s image monitoring service for web and print has distinguished itself as an exceptional solution providing unparalleled accuracy, scalability and ease of use.

"Idée’s image monitoring service for print and web is an outstanding technological breakthrough. Idée’s service enables us to keep track of all our images. We are pleased to be working with Idée, the pioneer in the image monitoring industry," Michael Scotto, Director Photo Business Development, Agence France–Presse (AFP).

Advanced Idée software analyzes client images and creates highly detailed digital fingerprints unique to each image. Idée uses its recognition–based tracking technology to compare each digital fingerprint to hundreds of millions of web and print images. Idée can identify images that have been radically cropped, rotated, colour–changed, flipped and even obscured with text or other images.

Idée’s system combats unauthorized use of copyrighted content, allowing copyright holders to monetize their images and recover lost revenues due to piracy and copyright infringement. For the first time ever, Idée is introducing transparency and unprecedented accountability to the world of image licensing.
About Idée

Idée Inc. develops advanced image recognition and visual search software.

Idée’s Image Monitoring Service is an innovative video and still–image recognition system that analyzes each client’s visual assets and actively tracks where their images have appeared, both in print publications and on the Internet. Idée’s proprietary software creates a digital fingerprint for each client image and compares it to images scanned from publications and crawled from the Internet. The service provides clients with reports of where their images and videos have been used, allowing photo wire agencies, stock photography firms and entertainment and media companies to recover lost revenues by identifying billable image uses or infringements.

The world’s largest wire services and photo agencies, including Associated Press, Agence France–Press, Masterfile and Superstock use Idée’s innovative technologies to track where their images are appearing.

Additionally, Idée’s powerful visual search technology allows users to analyze, index and search quickly and efficiently through vast image and video collections based on visual similarity.

Idée’s visual search solutions are the foundation for some of the world’s leading imaging firms, including Adobe Systems Inc., and the most widely adopted solutions in the stock image industry.

Posted on: April 27, 2007

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