How to Adjust Image Scale and Crop in Illustrator


In this Illustrator how-to video, Jason Hoppe shows off a couple of tricks for re-sizing and cropping images. He demos a feature for quickly restoring an image to its original proportions and then shows how easy it is to mask an image with any shape.

This video is an excerpt from Jason’s Illustrator session at CreativePro Week 2022. To find out how to attend this incredible, information-packed week, check out

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Jason Hoppe is an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor with more than 20 years’ experience in photo retouching, color correction, infographics, and creative workflow management. He currently teaches at The School of Visual Concepts, Luminous Works, Seattle Central College and was the founding Instructor at CreativeLive.
  • Nicholas Cuccia says:

    Please correct me if I missed something, but at 2:47, after you’ve applied File Dimensions and clip to frame, the PPI is still out of proportion: 1697×1385. Shouldn’t this be a single number? Thanks.

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