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I recently used Adobe’s plug-in for Photoshop called Design to Print, and I was pleased by how nice it is for an Adobe app to be able to “talk” directly to a print provider (in this case, Zazzle, for printing on fabric and objects).
Now Adobe is considering adding a similar feature to InDesign — a way for InDesign to send files directly to a print provider. If you could design a brochure, or business card, or flyer or some other document in InDesign and then send it out to print without having to worry about getting the export right, etc., would you?

Adobe wants to hear from you

If you use InDesign to create print documents, please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey this week (before August 17, 2020).

Some of you may recall that many years ago Adobe tried something similar, partnering with FedEx Kinkos. They later discontinued the program, largely because it set up Adobe as a direct competitor to other print providers. I would expect that Adobe will have learned lessons from that time, and so they won’t partner with just a single printer.
Let’s help Adobe get it right this time! Fill out the survey and help them understand what we want and need in a print workflow.

  • Robert Whitney says:

    “Some of you may recall that many years ago Adobe tried something similar, partnering with FedEx Kinkos.”
    As well as HP a few years before that, funneling work to “Approved” print vendors in direct competition with other shops who had bought Indigo presses but weren’t in “the Club.” (We were one such place and it certainly didn’t sit well with us.)
    Curious to take a look at this survey, if it’s another attempt to do the same, just with a different name.

  • Ruben Solér says:

    Did the survey, I’m pretty interested to see what may come of this.

  • Scott Simons says:

    I surveied. Question 11, seems like InDesign is going to be more bloatware than it already is. I really wish it would go back to just being really good for print.

    • KC says:

      It’s Adobe. Of course it’s going to be bloatware. It’s unfortunate that Adobe won’t take the opportunity–using the bazillions of dollars they’ve scammed from us with the subscription nonsense–to completely rewrite all of their core software for Apple’s new Silicon system. Unfortunately, it will just be a “bloated” virtualized conversion code dumped on top of the current bloatware.

  • Vladimir Bris says:

    I do not agree

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