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Getting the Most Out Of Cross-References

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This article appeared in Issue 79 of InDesign Magazine.

We all love hyperlinks—they take us where we need to go, and we never actually have to know how to get there. They do the driving! But sometimes it’s still important to know the specific destination, and that’s where cross-references (the granddaddy of hyperlinks) come in. This article explores the details of cross-reference creation in InDesign so you can help your readers easily navigate to anywhere they need to go. 

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Jamie McKee is a book designer and typesetter for university presses throughout the US. More information about him can be found at
  • Scott Kelty says:

    This is going to be very helpful to me – I haven’t really thought about using these, but I have some documents that refer to other pages, and this is going to help immeasurably. One other thing I do with these cross-references is create a non-printing yellow box to place over the cross-reference, and anchor it to the cross-reference text. This lets me see at a glance where those cross references are – for instance if where it refers to has been deleted.

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