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SimplyMpress is software that runs on computers and mobile devices, but the end results look like you cranked them out with your own inky fingers.

Sample artwork exported from SimplyMpress

Although the mobile version is free, it’s also somewhat limited. I think you’ll have more fun playing with the software on Mac or Windows, which costs just $6.99, so the features I describe below pertain to the Mac/Windows version.

To create letterpress-like imagery in SimplyMpress, you first choose an orientation (vertical or horizontal) and one of 11 sizes. Then you select one of the 30 paper-like backgrounds, import images, and enter text. While you can use your own installed fonts, SimplyMpress also comes with 25 “vintage” typefaces.

Next, you can apply colors, formatting, transparency, textures, and more. When you’re ready to output your design, you can save PNG files at 72, 144, or 228 ppi. 

If you’re looking for the level of finesse you’d find in, for example, InDesign or Photoshop, you’ll be disappointed. But SimplyMpress is good at what it does, and you may find that the program’s capabilities—which are, after all, much more flexible than real letterpress—actually free you to create something great.


But if you’re aching for a more authentic experience that’s still in the digital realm, try the LetterMpress app from the same company. 


Posted on: July 1, 2013

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  1. Had me interested for a moment, but, no, thanks, no iTune for me!

  2. I got the iPad app, but it says above that the Mac application is $6.99, but in the app store it’s $9.99 and has some really bad reviews…

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