Games for Designers

Last year, I wrote a little item about Kern Type, a fun little game that teaches players how to kern type. 


It’s part of Design for Programmers, a course in design for analytical and logical thinkers. 

And now Kern Type is joined by Shape Type, a game where you use Bezier handles to try and recreate the shapes of some famous fonts. It’ll test your type knowledge and your vector-pulling prowess.


You get a score based on how accurate your letter shapes were.

And when you’ve had enough font fun, check out Color, a color matching game where you have just a few seconds to manipulate a color wheel to match specific hues, saturations, and color combinations. It’s fiendishly simple and addictive.

Posted on: February 11, 2014

Mike Rankin

Mike is the Editor in Chief of, InDesign Magazine, and He is also the author of several video training series, including Font Management Essential Training, InDesign FX, and InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It was amusing and useful.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It was amusing and useful.

  3. There are no directions, subsequently how are you supposed to play it if there is more than one color in the multiple triangles? It’s not fun if you don’t know what your supposed to be doing.

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