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The full agenda for The Design + Accessibility Summit is here!

The Design + Accessibility Summit | A CreativePro Online Event, November 16–19, 2021

Accessibility Matters.

We’re thrilled to share the full agenda for The Design + Accessibility Summit, the essential HOW-TO event for design professionals who need to master accessibility, coming to a device near you November 16–19.

Sessions include:

  • Fundamentals of InDesign Accessibility, Chad Chelius
  • PowerPoint Accessibility Fundamentals, Stephy Hogan
  • Best Practices for Accessible Social Media Design, Jessica Oddi
  • Ensuring Your Company’s Website is Accessible, Colleen Gratzer
  • Accessible Word Documents, Karen McCall
  • Tools and Services Every Designer Needs?, Panel: Dax Castro, Chad Chelius, Colleen Gratzer, and Bevi Chagnon
  • AccessAbility: Fundamentals of Accessible Graphic Design, Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady
  • Inclusive Design, Matt May, Adobe
  • The Business Case for Accessibility, Joe Devon

Ensuring your documents are accessible is not just a good idea: it’s the law. No matter what sector you work in — from government to legal, finance to health care, engineering to education — it’s critical that you understand how to make your documents accessible to vision and hearing impairments, mobility challenges, cognitive, and other disabilities.

Make a difference to your audience by learning how to create documents that are accessible to everyone.

Discounts are available for nonprofit, government, education, CreativePro members, and alumni of CreativePro events.
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