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Free InDesign Template of the Month: Newsletter Layout (Premium Members’ Benefit)

Time for another exclusive template for our Premium members! (Not a Premium member? Sign up here and get $10 off with the discount code: TEMPLATE)

This month, Premium members of InDesignSecrets get a cool Newsletter template, normally $99, courtesy of StockLayouts.


StockLayouts calls this design “Investment Management,” but we like it because it lends itself to so many types of organizational newsletters. Plus, it affords you a lot of flexibility for arranging different types of stories in the same publication. Color, type, and formatting for sidebars, feature stories, graphics and captions are ready for you to update with your own text.

All of the placeholder images used in the template are included in the download, including those beautiful, sweeping background images that bleed off at the bottom of the inside spread:


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We added paragraph and character styles to the template, and applied them to the copy. The document uses Arial and Times, but of course you can quickly change the typeface attributes in the styles via Type >Find Font.


The download package includes one template in InDesign CC 2014 and IDML formats, and all linked artwork which includes some stock photo placeholder images. The IDML version can be opened with InDesign CS4 and later.

If you like the newsletter design, be sure to check out its theme page on the StockLayouts web site for even more templates (for purchase) to create matching business cards, letterheads, PowerPoint presentations, and brochures.


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  • Thiago Ribeiro says:

    Thank you!

  • Marty says:

    Hey, an open question to Mike or anyone. For the longest time I’ve been naming styles all lower case. If I remember correctly, InDesign styles are case-sensitive and that could affect situations when you have to type in the name of the style. These days, in dialog boxes most styles are available via pop-up menus, but I don’t think that was always the case (no pun intended).

    Still, what’s the rationale for using capital letters in styles? Old habits die hard? It’s easier for me to keep naming uniform by using all lower case.

  • Mike Rankin says:

    Hi Marty-

    Yes, in this case it’s just habit, and my own naming convention with caps and underscores instead of spaces. I don’t think things like Quick Apply are case sensitive when you type in the name of a style.

  • Caroline Erolin says:

    Would I be able to download this is I get a month by month membership, or would need to get the annual membership? Thanks!

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