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This article is from May 13, 2009, and is no longer current.

Free InDesign Book Excerpts


Just a quick note to pass on a link to Bob Bringhurst’s excellent list of free book excerpts, including a number from the book I wrote with Olav Kvern, Real World InDesign. To be honest, I didn’t even know most of these were available from Peachpit/Adobe Press. Cool!

Real World InDesign

I want to point out one item on his list in particular — a chapter that I helped write in a book called Moving to InDesign (originally titled InDesign for QuarkXPress Users, by myself, Steve Werner, and Christopher Smith). The excerpted chapter is called Top 10 Gotchas for QuarkXPress Users. If you know someone who is still struggling with the transition from XPress, you might point out that article.


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