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This article is from February 15, 2012, and is no longer current.

Free For All: Templates for Every Project and Purpose

Templates are one of the most useful free resources any creative professional can have on hand. They can save hours spent measuring items by hand, calling vendors for specifications, or searching Google for increasingly difficult to find information. Armed with a well made template for the project you need to produce, you can get right to designing — y’know, the good stuff.
This month’s Free for All is about templates (and mockups). The topic has grown from just a section of a Free for All, but as I was writing it, several friends and colleagues asked me to include a template for this or that or a blank product shot of this or that for packaging and clothing mockups. Before I knew it, filling these requests had turned into the better part of a Free for All on its own. Thus I filled in the rest of the article with some of the best templates and mockup materials I could find in a variety of areas — more than 300 templates and mockup images in all!
There are three full pages of resources here, so keep clicking when you get to the bottom of this page.
Apparel and Equipment
Hoodie (Vector)
Hoodie (Vector)
T-Shirts, Men’s and Women’s (Vector)
Baseball Cap (PSD)
Skateboards (PSD)
Longboard Skateboard (PSD)
T-Shirt (PSD)
T-Shirt Black (PSD)
Wakeboard (PSD)
Pajama Pants (Vector)
Kosode Kimono (JPG)
Furisode Kimono (JPG)
Gildan Style T-Shirt (PSD)
Hoodie (PSD)

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