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This article is from December 15, 2011, and is no longer current.

Free For All: Give Yourself These Gifts

Photo Mosaic Software
Jimmy Carter once said, “We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” In that spirit, this month’s first freebie is an application for Windows and Mac that literally combines people into a mosaic.

You can download AndreaMosaic free here. Be sure to stay on the website to read the tutorials for getting the most out of the app.
Print Your Own Graph Paper
Graph paper is a common tool for people who like to begin designs on paper before moving into the computer. Keeping a constant supply of the stuff on hand can get a bit pricey, especially if you have to order just the right type of graph paper online and have it shipped. I have a solution: PrintFreeGraphPaper.com. This online utility lets you print Cartesian, engineering, polar, isometric, logarithmic, hexagonal, probability, and Smith chart graph paper, all with options for grid alignment (centered or off-center), grid size, paper size, and units of measurement. All you need is a Web browser and a printer.

Here’s a tip: Set up the graph paper specs you need only once by printing to PDF instead of paper; then, any time you need more graph paper, just print the PDF.
24 Free Fonts
I can’t help it. I’m a fontaholic — and I know I’m not alone. Here’s a batch of gratis glyphs to satisfy that monkey on your back.
Adhesive Nr. Seven:

Anchor Jack:


Averia Sans (6 Styles):

Averia Serif (6 Styles):


Bazar Medium:








Mate (3 Styles):

Mensch (4 Weights):


Pompadour Numerals:

Quaver (Serif and Sans):

SAF Free Font:


TR2N 1.0:

Web Serveroff:

New Free Stock Site
The stock photo site RGBStock.com encourages you to use its images for commercial or personal projects. To download any of the photos or illustrations, just register as a member. RGBStock says that it won’t share your contact information details with third parties unless you give your OK.

2012 Desktop Wallpaper
‘Tis the season… to change your onscreen wallpaper. And nowadays we have more screens than ever: desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, in-wall kitchen touch computer… Maybe not the last one; or maybe your New Year’s resolution is to build an in-wall kitchen touch computer. Whatever your resolutions for 2012, ring in the New Year by decking your desktops with these wallpapers. Besides, if the Mayans were right, these will be the last New Year’s wallpapers; enjoy them while you can.

What can I find free for you? Want more free fonts? More Photoshop brushes? How about more online applications that do this or that for free? Tell me in the comments what you’d like to see in future installments of Free for All, and I’ll do my best bloodhound impression to track it down for you.
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  • Anonymous says:

    Pariah, I really enjoy reading your newsletter but never comment, but I had to say that these fonts are so good. The Lost Type Coop is beautiful. Love it, thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love it when CreativePro runs articles like this. Thanks for turning me onto Lost Type. Fantastic stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • Pariah Burke says:

    You’re welcome! Thank you for reading!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m such an admirer of Lost Type, too, that I feel compelled to remind that, while you can download for free, they do invite you to “pay-what-you-will” for fonts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d love to get some photoshop brushes!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a faithful reader and downloader of your free goodies. The SAF free font is one that I recognize that was recently used for the San Diego Zoo’s rebranding campaign. I’d love to download it but the link doesn’t work. Thanks if you can help me with this.


  • Terri Stone says:

    The link is working in our tests. Are you perhaps using an older version of Internet Explorer? It sometimes has problems with this website.

    The direct link is https://fontfabric.com/saf-free-font/ . If you copy and paste that into your web browser, do you get the fon’ts download page?

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief, CreativePro.com

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this site. I have learned so much about so many different things, even things I didn’t think I could be interested in. Thanks for all your time and resources. Now, how about more royalty free photographs. More information on using Photoshop!
    Thanks a billion!

  • Leah Hanlin says:

    I too love your font selections — the banner dingbats are awesome, too! Thank you for your creative inspiration! I will be downloading several of these. THANK YOU!

  • betty mallorca says:

    I will search, but a musician asked me if there was a link for music paper. LOVE the graph paper idea. thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Script fonts please!

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