Free For All: Free Fonts Galore (Part 2)

This month we wrap up our crowd-favorite two-part free fonts galore with another 100+ free fonts (in 74 families). There were 75 families as of last month, but in just one short month one of the font families changed its licensing from free for personal and commercial use to only free for personal use. So, don’t delay! Get all the below free fonts while you can still get them with a license for personal and commercial use!

And make sure you check out Part 1 of Free Fonts Galore if you missed it.

Body Copy and Headline

These typefaces have the clean legibility required for use in high density such as in body copy, or they’re suited for large-size display in headlines.


Capture It

Day Roman

District Thin

Droid Sans

Droid Serif

Existence Light

Fertigo Pro

Fontin Sans


Goudy Bookletter 1911

Heavy Diacritics


Just Old Fashion

Liberation Serif

Lido STF

Mank Sans

Museo Sans

Museo Sans Rounded

Nadia Serif

Pico, Twitter logo font

Resonance Bold



Wrexham Script

Posted on: July 8, 2012

1 Comment on Free For All: Free Fonts Galore (Part 2)

  1. All the “free” fonts I looked at included the stipulation, “No commercial use.” — So, not useful to me at all.

    How about only showing fonts that are actually free for all uses?

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