Free For All: 2,010 Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop CS5 launched in 2010, so I’m honoring that auspicious occasion with these 2,010 brushes, ready for Photoshop CS5 but also just as good for CS2, CS3, and CS4.

You can click each image to download its brushes, or to be taken to the page that contains the download link.

Spray and Paint
Spray Paint Brushes by Calvin Steward (20 Brushes):

High Res Spray Paint Brushes (10 Brushes):

Splatters and Sprays (27 Brushes):

Go Media Spray Paint (7 Brushes):

Hi-Res Spraypaint Set One (5 Brushes):

Bittbox Hi-Res Watercolor Set II (20 Brushes):

Essential Brush Strokes (100 Brushes):

Light Streaks and Effects
Ignition (11 Brushes):

Winter Breeze (12 Brushes):

Galactic (14 Brushes):

900Kelvin (5 Brushes):

Beser (8 Brushes):

Attack (8 Brushes):

Ecol (5 Brushes):

Abstract Volume 8 (6 Brushes):

Spaxio (4 Brushes):

Godspeed (10 Brushes):

Streaks of Light (40 Brushes):

Go to page 2 for People; Abstract; Grunge; Space and Sky; Vintage; Doodles; and Paper.

Posted on: April 16, 2010

10 Comments on Free For All: 2,010 Photoshop Brushes

  1. If you’re going to say it’s free for all, please don’t include things that have commercial restrictions. It’s a pain to have to double-check every one of these for requirements.

  2. As always, INcreDIBLE collection. THANKS

  3. Great post. Lots of useful brushes. Million thanks for this post.

  4. How about posting a smaller number that don’t have restrictions for commercial, public website, or what ever. I’m tired of people posting “FREE” and then requiring atribution or link to their website or whatever. Waste of time.

  5. These were great!

  6. …just like in any other kind of store, your manager(s) should make good on items listed as free. Otherwise you develop ill will with your normally loyal subscribers and they stop dropping by to buy their groceries from you altogether! At the very least, update your web page to clarify that it’s a mixed bag of free and supposed “loss leaders” to keep with the grocery metaphor. And please throw in a couple pints of Haagen-Däz Vanilla, ok?

  7. These are pretty amazing brushes. I know at least five other people who have downloaded most of them, and they really enjoy the brushes.

    I think more free brushes would be /so/ awesome, I can’t even say how awesome it would be. Thanks for making this available for us! =D

  8. veramente molto belli!! Grazie mille!! Thanky you very much!!
    5 stelle!! < -->5 stars!!!

  9. LOVE these brushes!!! 😀 <33

  10. Thank you for sharing a wonderful stuff.

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