Forum Nokia Announces 'Creative Pros' Community, Supporting Web Development and Design Professionals

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced the latest phase of its continuing support of Adobe® Flash® technology with the launch of the "Creative Pros" community by Forum Nokia, the company’s global developer support program. The new website is designed to help the Adobe Flash community and other web development and design professionals, grow from dynamic desktop creation to exciting new business opportunities around mobile devices.

The announcement of the new "Creative Pros" website adds to Nokia support for Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 as part of the Nokia strategy to deliver a unified web experience for mobile users and desktop users. With this announcement, Nokia provides a way for creative desktop Flash developers and designers to optimize existing Flash desktop content for the latest Nokia mobile devices.

Forum Nokia, the largest mobile development community worldwide with 3.4 million registered members, will host the new "Creative Pros" destination within the extensive Forum Nokia mobile developer support site at "Creative Pros" provides tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs), as well as technical and business support, to help creative professionals reach millions of mobile device users in the marketplace with rich applications, content and services for Nokia’s S60 and Series 40 platforms.

S60 on Symbian OS is the world’s leading smartphone platform, licensed by the industry’s foremost mobile device manufacturers. Series 40 is Nokia’s platform for high-volume mobile devices and supports mobile applications and content for the majority of Nokia’s customers.

With 900 million Nokia devices in use around the world, more than 100 million S60 smartphones shipped by all S60 licensees, and more than 50 Flash Lite-enabled S60 and Series 40 device models available today, Nokia is uniquely positioned to connect more people to the Internet

The launch of the Forum Nokia "Creative Pros" site will help guide creative Web professionals, and the more than 1.5 million Flash developers, to target a vast new mobile market of Nokia device users. Rich media experiences for mobile users may include: animated Flash games, advertisements, websites, album skins, Flash video and desktop Flash 8 multimedia content.

"Nokia is very pleased to be working with Adobe and creative Web professionals worldwide to further our vision of providing a rich and seamless multimedia experience for mobile consumers accessing the Internet," said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia. "Through the ‘Creative Pros’ site, Nokia and Adobe will provide Web developers and designers with the tools and resources needed to bring rich multimedia content over the Web to millions of mobile device users around the globe."

"Adobe welcomes Nokia’s support for the vast Adobe developer community working with Flash in the desktop environment and Flash Lite for mobile content development," said Gary Kovacs, vice president for product management and marketing, Mobile and Devices at Adobe. "Through their support of Flash content development for mobile devices, Nokia is helping to transform the mobile content industry by narrowing the gap between the desktop Flash experience and the mobile user experience of dynamic Flash content."

About Forum Nokia ‘Creative Pros’
Creative professionals who visit the Forum Nokia "Creative Pros" website will find:

  • Detailed information about Nokia S60 and Series 40 devices that support Flash content;
  • Access to sample code, discussion boards and Flash Lite how-to guides posted by fellow creative professionals and developers;
  • The latest tools and documentation, plus an array of user-interface examples for devices based on Nokia S60 and Series 40 platforms

Further information about Nokia initiatives for creative web development and design professionals and in support of Adobe Flash Lite technology can be found through the Creative Pros website at:

Further information about adobe Device Central CS3 can be found online at:

About Forum Nokia
Nokia’s global developer program, Forum Nokia connects developers to tools, technical information, support, and distribution channels they can use to build and market applications around the globe. From offices in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and Singapore, Forum Nokia provides technical and business development support to developers and operators to assist them in achieving their goal of successfully launching applications and services to consumers and enterprises. More information is available at

About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide range of mobile devices and provides people with experiences in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility through these devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.

Posted on: October 3, 2007

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