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Typset in the Future is a new blog devoted to typography in sci-fi movies, and authored by Dave Addey, a Senior Writer at Apple. It’s a brillaint concept, because as Addey points out, plenty of font geeks are also sci-fi geeks.


The first post is a fun frame-by-frame analysis of the fonts used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Or should I say, “2OO1” as one of the juicer revelations is that those are actually Gill Sans capital Os in between the 2 and the 1. And that’s just one of many cool finds. After reading the post, you may never look at Eurostile Bold Extended, Gill Sans, or Futura quite the same way again.

Posted on: February 4, 2014

Mike Rankin

Mike is the Editor in Chief of, InDesign Magazine, and He is also the author of several video training series, including Font Management Essential Training, InDesign FX, and InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals.

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