Fly the Creative Skies

Excerpted from “Window Seat, The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking.” Published by O’Reilly Media.

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Julieanne Kost is a Photoshop evangelist for Adobe. Luckily for us, she’s also transformed the constant air travel that’s part of her job into a book featuring gorgeous photos she’s taken from planes and provoking commentary on sustaining creativity.

In this excerpt, you’ll see some of the photos (named for the flight path, such as “London to San Francisco, 2004”) and benefit from lessons Kost has learned as she tries to be true to her creative self in a world that demands we make a living, too.

Kost captured this watery scene from the window of a plane travelling from Vancouver to Victoria in 2005.


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Excerpted from Window Seat, The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost. Copyright © 2006 O’Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved.


Posted on: March 3, 2006

3 Comments on Fly the Creative Skies

  1. The book’s layout and design is attractive to this graphic designer/marketer, and the idea of giving away an excerpt is genius. The PDF format allows us to view the book in its real form; picturing the author’s camera poking at the window seat’s aperture to capture scenes I’ve never seen on my flights from Waco to El Paso! I don’t know if the rest of the book continues with the numbered tidbits but it is a good format. You can read short snippets without feeling like you need an hour to invest. I write a weekly eZine called “Marketing That Gives” for independent contractors( I applaud this way of marketing AND giving. This is the type of marketing that works in a win, win, win way. Creative Pro sells the book so they and the author make a little. The customer can see and decide before turning lose of his or her dollars and be assured he or she will like the full package. This is the exact opposite of the shrink-wrapped book on the bookstore’s shelf. (I’ve never bought a shrink-wrapped book, have you?)

  2. Julieanne is truly a creative spirit. I enjoyed her refreshing excerpt and applaud her philosophy that blends well for a creative spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It seems like everyone is using buzz words like “creative” nowadays. It kinda drives me nuts. But this excerpt is truly refreshing…the photos are great, but it’s the author’s words that struck a cord with me. Real words of wisdom. I sent the pdf to everyone in my department, hoping they’ll “get me” a little better after reading it. I especially like #5. It describes me to a “T”!!

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