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Flattener or Blatner Preview?


So I was listening to the latest ID Secrets Podcast and the topic of the Flattener Preview came up.

And David and Anne-Marie mentioned how that could be a “Blatner Preview.”

And they wondered what a Blatner Preview would do, or look like.

Fortunately I already have the Blatner Preview plug-in.

The Blatner Preview

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  • Klaus Nordby says:

    It’s not clear to me, from the mercifully-too-quick preview, if the beard is fully overprinting the fleshy parts or not . . .

  • Holy mackerel, I can tell it’s “pick on Blatner” day. But I suppose I deserve it after my quip about how Flattener rhymes with Blatner.

    No, folks, don’t worry… that is not really how the panel looks in CS4! Sandee faked it… just a little.

  • Anne-Marie says:

    And of course the panel should really be called the “Blattener ALERT” panel ….

    very very funny Sandee! lol …


  • Lee says:

    It?s features like this that puts Quark to shame.

  • Gordon says:

    I am having trouble loading the pluggin…

    can I download it somewhere?

  • @Gordon: Sorry, this was actually just a joke by Sandee. There is no such thing really. :)

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