FeaturePics.com Announces New Search Tools

FeaturePics.com today launched a new online image resource and released new search tools for photographers and designers who have been looking for assistive technology that easily classifies image products, and makes it easier for everyone to find and use textures and backgrounds, that are categorized by subject and quality.

According to FeaturePics.com representatives, demand for textures and backgrounds increases daily. This is driven by the designer’s need for creating rapid concepts and modern designs for the Internet industry. There is an increasing number of successful web sites that use clip-art type images which are obtained from FeaturePics.com.

This type of media allows designers to customize their designs with ease and productivity. FeaturePics.com created a special section of such resources, and has offered improved search tools that give designers the capacity to produce quality designs almost instantly.

“We are helping to create a productive designer community that is focused on the fast-paced Internet industry, and to improve the ability of graphics providers around the world to share their products. “We built a more accessible way to find and buy this type of media online” said Elena Orel, Project Leader at FeaturePics.com. “FeaturePics.com has become a well-known stock photo brand among designers and photographers.

Making graphics products more accessible and providing advanced search resources is another example of our long-standing commitment to evaluating current market trends and picking the next creative tool that will help the Internet community to express itself creatively.”

The new feature developed by FeaturePics.com is integrated into the FeaturePics network, but it is an entirely different way to present and categorize graphics media. The site is designed to provide designers with resources, from basic content to advanced graphics concepts. “We invite all designers, not just the Internet focused, to implement this new application and test the functionality of this application” said Elena.

FeaturePics.com is working on many improvements to this interface including such options as “graphics by color” and other interesting forward-looking ideas.

Up to now, FeaturePics analyzed thousands of searches that have been performed on the site and come up with a new category system to help visitors to find illustrations fast and efficiently. This enhanced search offers a way to find illustrations by subject, design style, design products, and design elements. Continuing to analyze search requests, FeaturePics is offering an additional section titled “Hot stuff”. This section reflects search patterns that deviate the most from normal ones.

Posted on: July 29, 2008

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