Easier PDF Editing with New Software

Commercial and packaging printers looking for a robust PDF file editing solution will find Kodak Prinergy PDF File Editor software for Adobe Illustrator Software to be a valuable addition to their operations. The new software solution allows users to leverage the power of Illustrator and Photoshop software to affordably and conveniently edit PDF files and streamline the production workflow.

Prinergy PDF File Editor Software enables late-stage modification of production jobs, maintaining a complete history of the changes, preserving all file metadata, and exporting the elements back to Kodak Prinergy System after the editing process.

Minimal training is required to use the software, making it possible for customers to maximize both their investment and skills in existing desktop software.

“This software brings a new level of efficiency to commercial and package printers,” added Steve Miller, Product Manager, Packaging and Newspaper Workflow, Kodak. “It’s important for our customers to be able to do more by utilizing the tools they already have. This new and complementary solution addresses a common production need by leveraging the best graphic editing applications on the market.”

Prinergy PDF File Editor Software is automatically installed as a licensed option within Kodak Prinergy Connect, Kodak Prinergy POWERPACK and Kodak Prinergy Digital Workflow and Customers receive unlimited copies of the Illustrator Software plug-in per server license.

Posted on: August 12, 2009

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  1. Easier PDF editing with new software, huh? Only if you have the Prinergy workflow!! The headline is misleading!

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