Dosch Design is Releasing the Newest LayerFX Image Collection in the Dosch LayerFX Product Line

The product ‘Dosch LayerFX: Global Tech’ includes 25 design templates for global communication and technology. Images, which help visualize modern technologies, world spanning communications, business and activities in your important illustrations, DTP work and business reports.

Like all other products of the Dosch LayerFX product line, all motives are set up as Photoshop layers and can therefore be changed and tweaked for maximum individuality by emphasizing certain elements and phasing out others. The Dosch LayerFX products contain extraordinary motives, which give the user a degree of creative freedom that is simply amazing.

Dosch LayerFX products, which are provided in print resolution unlock substantial time and cost savings when creating illustrations, cover pictures, product advertising, annual and business reports, event artwork. The LayerFX images are also a perfect starting point for compositions in motion graphics.

The product is compatible with Windows and MAC computers and is priced at 69.00 USD / 59.00 EUR.

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Posted on: March 17, 2005

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