Distilling the Story: The First Step to a Great Presentation

In this Presentation Design Conference sneak peek, Bill Shander describes how distilling the story is the first essential step in crafting a great presentation. Before you design a single slide or write the first bullet point, you need to know what story you’re going to tell to avoid heading in the wrong direction. Bill walks through several humorous examples to illustrate how failing to get the story right can lead to presentations that don’t land with the audience.

This sneak peek video is a preview of our upcoming Presentation Design Conference, happening online March 6-8. Check out the agenda and register now!

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Bill Shander is an information designer, helping clients turn their data into compelling visual and often interactive experiences. He teaches data storytelling, information design and data visualization on LinkedIn Learning, at the University of Vermont, and in workshops around the world. Clients include the World Bank, Starbucks, multiple U.S. Government agencies, Big Four firms, and many more household names across a spectrum of industries. 

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