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Designing with Gradients

InDesign Magazine isse 145 coverThis article appeared in Issue 145 of InDesign Magazine.

How to create smooth color blends without leaving your layout program.

The human eye likes variations in color—to see one rich color smoothly transition into another. It reminds us of the evening sky, the ocean, or the way firelight dances across a wall. It’s easy enough to create this effect in almost any design program. But to get a truly sophisticated gradient, you’ll want a powerful tool with plenty of options. For many years, designers preferred creating gradients in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, but these days, gracefully blending colors has never been easier in InDesign. No need to jump from one program to another when you can do it all in one place, right?

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Hugh D’Andrade is an artist and designer based in Oakland, California. He has designed book jackets for Macmillan, Random House, and Penguin, as well as rock posters for Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams. He currently works as Creative Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. See more of his work on his website: