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Design + Accessibility Summit 2023 Agenda Released

The Design + Accessibility Summit 2023

We’re thrilled to share the full agenda for The Design + Accessibility Summit—the essential HOW-TO event for design professionals who need to master accessibility—held online November 14–17.

Creative professionals must learn how to design documents that are accessible for people with vision and hearing impairments, mobility challenges, cognitive, and other disabilities. And those who ramp up their knowledge and expertise in accessibility will find themselves in high demand supporting their business’ efforts; while those who don’t will risk falling behind.

In just four days, you will learn practical techniques for building accessible documents with InDesign, Acrobat, PowerPoint, and other tools widely used by creative professionals.

Sessions include:

  • InDesign Accessibility: First Steps
  • AI + Accessibility: Imagining What’s Possible
  • Screen Readers: Design and Testing Fundamentals
  • Alt Text: Fundamentals + Workflow
  • Accessible PowerPoint?! You Bet!
  • Designing Awesomely Accessible Emails
  • Getting Creative with Accessible Color
  • Accessibility 101
  • Accessible Infographics: More Than Alt Text
  • Creating Accessible Forms: You Can Do It!
  • Accessible Social Media
  • Where It All Starts: Creating Accessible Word Docs
  • And more...

Registration includes up to four full days of educational sessions, each followed with a live Q&A with the speaker, plus networking, speaker handouts and resources, and one year of on-demand access to rewatch session recordings.

Make a difference to your audience by learning how to create documents that are accessible to everyone.

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