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“Creative Pros to Follow” is Pariah Burke’s series highlighting amazing creative professionals—graphic designers, photographers, typographers, fashion designers, illustrators, and more—to follow and connect with on social media and creative sharing services.

February is a month of many celebrations. It contains, of course, that most famous holiday, identified by a cherub armed with amorous arrows, but February is host to much more than merely St. Valentine’s Day (and my wedding anniversary). In the United States and Canada February is Black History Month, while in the United Kingdom it’s LGBT History Month. Avian aficionados observe National Bird-Feeding Month in February, too—though how many birds will brave the cold this year to be fed I can’t say. Within this short month are even more day-specific observances such as World Marriage Day (the second Sunday), President’s Day in the U.S. (the third Monday), and the U.S.’s and Canada’s Groundhog Day (the 2nd).

Recognized by the United Nations, February 21st is International Mother Language Day, a celebration of linguistics. It’s this particular holiday that caught my eye. Being a born American, my first language is English (and wicked ahhsome Bostonian English); I also speak some French, Spanish, and Japanese. As a designer, however, I have to say that my true mother language is typography. I fluently communicate in glyphs, ligatures, and kerning, and I do so in a full range of dialects from Aachen to Zebrawood.

If you speak the same language, join me in celebrating International Mother Language Day on February 21st by following these amazing typography boards and typophiles on Pinterest.

Courtney Blair

Followers:  5.9k

Location:  Salt Lake City, UT

Bio:  Graphic designer, SLUG Magazine writer & volunteer on air host for KRCL 90.9 FM in SLC

Dan Denney

Followers:  5k

Location:  St. Petersburg, FL

Bio:  I’m a seriously good copy and paster. Front-end dev for @envylabs and @codeschool, lover of all things web design/dev related and founder of

Daniel Nelson

Followers:  8.6k

Location:  Karlskrona, Sweden

Bio:  Graphic designer and founder of From up North, a design blog focusing on inspiring and promoting fellow creatives all over the world.

Design Quixotic

Followers:  85.5k

Location:  Brooklyn, NY

Bio:  Hi. My name is Thea. I am an Art Director and Designer based in NYC. I use my Pinterest boards as a source of personal and professional inspiration and as a way of cataloging images I love.

Hrvoje Grubisic

Followers:  3.1k

Location:  Zagreb, Croatia

Bio:  Design Typography Illustrations


Followers:  14.3k

Location:  Washington, D.C.

Bio:  Inspirationfeed provides useful information about design, inspiration, resources, and other web related topics.

Joel Ng

Followers:  6.3k

Location:  Singapore

Bio:  Loving beautiful little things in life.

Julianna Swaney

Followers:  4.6k

Location:  Portland, OR

Bio:  Artist/hermit

Maria Fidalgo

Followers:  3.3k

Location:  Bogota, Colombia

Bio:  Colombian architect an designer

Mike Jones

Followers:  3.8k

Location:  Mesa, AZ

Bio:  I’m a graphic designer & partner @resoundcreative (a creative agency). I love Jesus Christ, my wife, pasta, craft beer, & doodling. I hate not thinking. I write really long emails.

Niki Blaker

Followers:  4.7k

Location:  Phoenix, AZ

Bio:  Design strategist at Forty. Moonlight under Blaker Design. Married to a developer. AIGA Arizona board member. Quipsologies contributor. Also known to be bubbly.

Pariah Burke

Followers:  3.3k

Location:  Boston, MA

Bio:  PERSONAL: A well-dressed design, typography, Star Wars, super heroes, and grammar geek, a fan of technology. BUSINESS: Empowering and Informing Creative Professionals™ Digital Publishing, EPUB, ID, Ai

Russ Burtner

Followers:  1.4k

Location:  Richland, WA

Bio:  Senior User Experience Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Interested in interaction, typography, illustration, product design, animation, technology forecasting & vision

Steve Kamn

Followers:  700

Location:  Unknown

Bio:  I am freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interaction design. I love communication, creativity, technology and everything in between.

Vale Design

Followers:  8.6k

Location:  Indianapolis, IN

Bio:  GUIDE & EMPOWER women entrepreneurs through the branding & logo process. Brainstormer | Designer | Mother

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Posted on: February 10, 2014

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  1. Great collection, Thanks!

    A few I follow that you might like too:

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