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InDesign How-to Video: Clean Up Text with a Built-in Script

In this week’s InDesignSecrets video, David Blatner shows you an easy way to clean up your text in InDesign using a built-in script. The FindChangeByList script removes unwanted spaces and returns, changes double-hyphens to dashes, and more by simply running this customizable script that is already inside of InDesign!

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  • Rocky Berlier says:

    I had a long book manuscript that had double paragraph returns and the script did NOT work on them. It wasn’t until I looked at the hidden characters that I saw there was a non-breaking character in front of the second paragraph returns throughout the book. So, I did as you suggested and changed the script with TextEdit, but I had to put the new rule at the top because there is already a rule to replace double returns in the script. Once I ran my modified version, it was perfect and removed all the non-breaking spaces first and then the double returns were replaced by a single return. Thanks for this great tip! Very useful!

  • Larry Chernicoff says:

    This script is described as built-in, but I don’t see it in InDesign CC 2019. DO I need to download it? Where can I do that?

  • Steve Werner says:

    Larry, it’s there. It’s just a couple folders down. Open the Scripts folder > Samples > JavaScript and you’ll find it there.

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