Bring Out Your Wallet: Adobe CS5.5 Is Now for Sale

Just three weeks ago, Adobe announced Creative Suite 5.5. Now the 5.5 applications are available for you to purchase, either in the traditional way, or by subscription.

Although Adobe has given the “5.5” designation to all of its many suite variations (Design, Web, and Production, two of which are available in standard and premium configurations), some of the apps inside the suites have not been updated. Here’s how it breaks down for the most common apps:

• After Effects is version 5.5
• Audition is version 5.5
• Bridge is version 5
• Device Central is version 5.5
• Dreamweaver is version 5.5
• Illustrator is version 5
• InDesign is version 5.5
• Fireworks is version 5
• Flash Catalyst is version 5.5
• Flash Professional is version 5.5
• Media Encoder is version 5.5
• Photoshop and Photoshop Extended are version 5
• Premiere Pro is version 5.5

And out of step as usual, Acrobat Pro is version X.

Adobe also shipped the Professional Edition of its Digital Publishing Suite today. For more information, read “Mid-Range Version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite Now for Sale”.

How Much Does It Cost?
For details on upgrade pricing on suite configurations and the individual 5.5 applications, see the Adobe Store. Suite prices in US dollars are as follows:

$1,299 for CS5.5 Design Standard
$1,899 for CS5.5 Design Premium
$1,799 for CS5.5 Web Premium
$2,599 for CS5.5 Master Collection

Note that there is no CS5.5 Web Standard.

Depending on your circumstances, you may find that the newly available subscription option saves you money and/or hassle. For details on subscriptions, go to

Posted on: May 3, 2011

2 Comments on Bring Out Your Wallet: Adobe CS5.5 Is Now for Sale

  1. VERY DOUBTFUL! I need it for my business (I teach the software), but I just dished out a fortune for CS5. In this economy, it’s unconscionable for Adobe to ask us to dish out again, despite the upgrades. At least there should be significant discounts.

  2. Our wallets have to be always ready as new version of programs are being updated constantly…so there is almost no way we can actually keep up with every single release. Well, only if you choose to go with payday lenders who are always ready to borrow their existing and new consumer a couple of hundreds…Otherwise, I do not really know where to get cash for all of the updates! Thanx for the post..there is something to think about though.

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