Better Than Ginzu Knives: InDesign’s Pathfinder Commands

This article is excerpted from the April/May 2007 issue of “InDesign Magazine,” #17.

Every avid chef has little gizmos and gadgets, designed for specific tasks, that find their way to the back of a drawer and are then forgotten. Like those special tools, the Pathfinder commands in InDesign are often forgotten or considered too sophisticated for non-artistic types. Yet they can slice and dice and combine paths in unique ways that add vastly to the repertoire of the InDesign chef. Added to InDesign’s other ways to mix up text and graphics, Pathfinder can help you further push the creative edge.

Figure 1. The above effects and many more are the work of InDesign’s Pathfinder commands.

This fun and accessible how-to gives you a grounding in Pathfinder basics, then walks you through two recipe-like formulas for using these tools. Be sure to go to the last page of the PDF for a special discount on an InDesign Magazine subscription.

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Posted on: July 20, 2007

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