Automate Your Time Tracking Chores With CreativeWorx TimeTracker

For many creative pros, time tracking is a tedious chore that takes away from the work they really want (and need) to be doing. An ideal solution would be easy to use, mostly automated, integrated with major creative apps, and satisfy all the reporting requirements of business units.

TimeTracker from CreativeWorx promises to do all these things. It is available as a free extension for Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Flash. Pro and team versions with other features are also available in subscription format, starting at $7.95/month.

TimeTracker can automatically record information when you switch between applications and documents, taking much of the effort out of tracking the time spent on each assignment. It offers a slick visual interface designed by former Adobe employees to appeal to graphic designers and other creatives. And since TimeTracker is cloud-based, you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection (it works in offline mode too). 


To learn more about TimeTracker, check out the video below and the Getting Started Guide at

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Mike Rankin

Mike is the Editor in Chief of, InDesign Magazine, and He is also the author of several video training series, including Font Management Essential Training, InDesign FX, and InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals.

4 Comments on Automate Your Time Tracking Chores With CreativeWorx TimeTracker

  1. Chrometa, although more expensive, is much more robust. Will track almost anything — web time email, phone time, meetings, etc.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Peter. We’ll check it out.

  3. At times the time tracking makes every body more organized and well planned in terms or work and personal life as well. And looking onto the current scenario, the usage of tools hence makes perfect sense in the segment. The tool thus that I have been using as of now for the sake of time tracking and management is the cloud based solution from Replicon ( ) which makes me stay ahead and organized in all possible terms.

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tool! I’m looking for the features like easy integration with my time tracking software and should automate invoicing and payroll processes. But, not every application will offer integration with our time tracking software.

    Recently, I have come across one such <a href=””><b>roster software</b></a> from Replicon. I think, it was created specifically for small to mid-sized organizations that operate on dynamic scheduling.

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