The Autographer: the world's first intelligent, wearable camera

If you’ve ever wished you could document a party, a vacation, or even just an ordinary day without having to interrupt the proceedings to take a photo, a new product may be just the thing you’re looking for. OMG, a company specializing in in motion capture and computer vision technology, has released the details of an upcoming product called the Autographer camera, a wearable camera that allows users to automatically capture thousands of point-of-view images in a spontaneous, hands-free manner.

The fixed-focus camera includes 8 GB of internal memory and has five sensors (ambient light, accelerometer, magnetometer, motion detector, and temperature) that it can use to decide when to take a photo.

There is also an app to pair your mobile phone with the camera via Bluetooth. The app allows you to preview, browse, and share all of the images inside the Autographer. And a desktop software package allows users to view, edit, and share photos taken with the Autographer. Sensor readings are displayed alongside the images, showing location, light levels and temperature. Users can also create and share animated GIFs and stop-frame videos from photos.

From the product announcement:

Autographer is designed to change the way we think about photography: one where moments are captured without intervention. The user can live the experience while Autographer spontaneously captures the stories that unfold. This is not just a new camera but a whole new photographic approach.

Autographer can capture thousands of high resolution photos every day through its custom designed wide-angle lens, while an Autographer stop-frame video lets you see a whole day’s activity in a few minutes. With five on-board sensors and GPS capability, Autographer identifies when to take a photo based on subtle changes in light, colour, motion, direction and temperature.

The Autographer will initially be available for purchase online in the UK in November, and will cost £399.

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Mike Rankin

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  1. This could just be one of the WORST ideas I’ve ever heard, especially from the point of view of the photographer as image maker, not snapshooter. The day I let the camera decide when to release the shutter is the day I give away all my cameras!

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