Astute Graphics Announces the Release of Phantasm CS Version 2

Astute Graphics are pleased to announce the release of Phantasm CS version 2, a significant upgrade for the acclaimed and unique Illustrator color control plugin, with the following benefits:

  • Illustrator CS, CS2 and CS3 compatibility on both Windows and Mac (Intel and PowerPC)
  • New, powerful controls for professional designers, publishers and printers
  • Improved workflow, now with automation

Phantasm CS version 2 builds on the acclaimed 5 tools found in version 1.5 such as Curves, Hue/Saturation, and Levels filters and live effects, and the ability to load and save Photoshop-compatible color setting files. An overview of the new options and associated controls:

  • Black / White color cut-off
  • Rich black to pure black conversion
  • Advanced overprint control including remove overprint white and add overprint to pure black
  • Define rich black directly or visually
  • Gradient Accuracy
  • Auto Rasterize
  • Save and manage option settings

To further emphasize Phantasm CS’ professional credentials, all color filters can now be automated using Illustrator’s Actions system. This represents huge potential for power users who need to batch modify artwork or ensure that certain color control tasks are swiftly and faithfully repeated.

With Illustrator CS3 came the new color experimentation tool “Live Color”. Every care has been taken to ensure that the color workflow introduced with Phantasm CS compliments Adobe’s new system as well as maintaining best interchangeability with Photoshop. Details of how all components work seamlessly together can be found in the Workflow table at

This significant upgrade remains at a highly accessible $37.50. Phantasm CS is available for Windows® and Mac OS X® running Illustrator CS, CS2 and CS3.

Posted on: May 23, 2007

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