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All About Digital Planners


CreativePro Magazine Issue 6 coverThis article appeared in Issue 6 of CreativePro Magazine.

I don’t remember how I first came across the fascinating cottage industry of digital planners (I suspect an Etsy algorithm had something to do with it), but I distinctly remember that it struck me as clever and adorably kitsch, but also perplexing. Right away, I had so many questions. How exactly do digital planners work? Why had I never thought to design or use a PDF in this way? Are all these Etsy sellers and YouTubers really making a living marketing and selling themed PDFs? If so, why have I not seen, heard, or read of this? Are people really willing to pay $30 for a PDF they can digitally scribble on—despite the fact that it can’t sync data with actual calendar software like the Google and macOS Calendar apps?

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