ALAP Releases Imposer Pro 1.0.1 for Adobe Acrobat

A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. (ALAP), a leading developer of extended technology for the design and publishing industries, announced today the immediate availability of Imposer Pro 1.0.1 for Adobe Acrobat. This version is a maintenance update which resolves a number of customer reported issues with version 1.0.

About Imposer Pro
Imposer Pro for Adobe Acrobat is the third product to the Imposer Pro line. This version provides a very powerful and much needed imposition solution for users of Adobe Acrobat. Imposer Pro handles PDF imposition by creating a newly imposed PDF file. This method allows for on-screen previewing before printing, which provides an efficient imposition, allowing errors to be detected before materials are wasted. Imposer Pro features imposed page configurations from 2-up printer spreads to 8-up printer flats, as well as multi-page signatures and multiple sheets. There is also support for split web, sheetwise and multiple unit printing. The user interface also compliments the familiar look and feel of Acrobat.

For those who have jobs that do not require the entire document to be imposed, Imposer Pro allows the imposition to be started from any page in a document. The user also has full control over plate margins, horizontal, vertical and spread gaps, bleeds, crossover trapping, and creep. Imposer Pro offers binding types for Saddle Stitch, Perfect Bound, Stacked, and None. There are five imposition types offered: Standard, Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Split Web, and Sheet Wise. ALAP’s goal was to offer the same powerful features of their existing Imposer Pro product line to Adobe Acrobat users. Imposer Pro for Acrobat offers such a complete imposition solution for Adobe Acrobat that no further manipulation of the document is required once it’s imposed.

“All the power and functionality of Imposer Pro for InDesign, and then some. Provides me with a feeling of security knowing that after a customer has approved my sequentially paged PDF file, that nothing can change to content when I run Imposer Pro for Acrobat on the same file for print imposition.” -Peter Stremic, Proprietor, – PETERPICA Productions

“I’ve been using alap products for years. They’re so damned dependable it makes my life easy, I almost hope for something to go wrong so I can call and see what new wizardry they come up with.” -Ray Sanford, Owner, – Sanford Associates

Pricing and Availability
Imposer Pro 1.0.1 is currently available for Apple Macintosh OS X (10.2) or later running Acrobat 6 or 7 and Microsoft Windows 2000 or later running Acrobat 6 or 7. Imposer Pro 1.0.1 is priced at $399.99 (USD). To purchase, contact ALAP, Inc. by phone at (888) 818-5790 (US), (760) 438-5790 (Canada/International) or on the web at:

Updates for existing Imposer Pro 1.0 users are available free of charge by downloading Imposer Pro 1.0.1 and entering their existing serial number during installation.

For more information, contact ALAP, Inc. by phone at (888) 818-5790 (US), (760) 438-5790 (Canada/International) or visit the company’s website at

About "A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc."
Founded in 1990, A Lowly Apprentice Production Inc. (ALAP) is a leading provider of extended technology for the publishing and graphic design industries. Affordable, easy to use and seamless integration into the host application environment, ALAP’s products have won major awards in both the United States and in Europe.

Posted on: November 28, 2005

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