Adobe Upgrades Several Products to CS5.5

Adobe Systems has revealed an unusual dot-five upgrade to several of its products, including the following:

After Effects 5.5
Audition CS5.5
Dreamweaver CS5.5
Flash Catalyst CS5.5
Flash Professional CS5.5
InCopy CS5.5
InDesign CS5.5
InDesign CS5.5 Server
Premiere Pro CS5.5

There are also 5.5 versions of the Creative Suite collections, including Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, Production Premium, and the Master Collection.

The mid-cycle software updates are largely driven by the rapidly rising popularity of tablets and other mobile devices.

For a 35-minute overview of new features in Design Premium CS 5.5, watch this video.

The 5.5 versions of the individual applications and the Suites will ship within 30 days.

InDesign CS5.5 Additions
The bulk of the new and improved features in InDesign CS5.5 are geared toward producing digital publications, either eBooks or files destined for the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and, eventually, the iPad and other tablets.

If you’re interested in making eBooks, check out this 16-minute video.

There’s also a nine-minute video with coverage of the DPS tools in InDesign CS5.5.

Dreamweaver 5.5 Additions
CSS3 and HTML5 support is now woven throughout Dreamweaver. The Design view now supports media queries, and Live View can handle < video > and < svg > tags.

This 11-minute video goes into detail on the improvements.

Flash Professional CS5.5 Additions
The 5.5 changes to Flash Professional are concentrated in four areas:

* More efficient mobile development workflows
* Content scaling when resizing stage
* Better layer control
* Better performance

New Pricing Model
In addition to its usual way of purchasing software, Adobe is also debuting a subscription-based pricing plan:

* First price is if you subscribe for one year; second price is if you subscribe month to month.

If you’re more of an aural person, you may want to watch a video about the new subscription option.

If you recently purchased Creative Suite 5, you may be able to get 5.5 for free. Check out upgrade eligibility here.

For more information about Subscription Editions, visit

Posted on: April 11, 2011

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  1. I was holding out for an InCopy subscription plan…. Now that would be something!

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