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This article is from June 5, 2012, and is no longer current.

Adobe Launches LevelUp for Photoshop

It’s no secret that we learn better when we’re engaged and having fun. Ah, but how do you make learning fun and engaging? The best teachers all have their methods. One tried and true way to make learning fun is to use games. To this end, Adobe has created LevelUp, a “game of missions” that allows Photoshop users to test their skills and knowledge, learn new features, and in the process earn points that count in weekly drawings for prizes like Amazon gift cards.

The contest for prizes runs from June 15 to July 15. However, you can download the game now to try it out.

Players who complete the game will be entered in a drawing for the grand prize, a one-year membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

To get started, download and install the LevelUp Extension for Photoshop.

With the extension installed, you can start the game by choosing Window > Extensions > LevelUp for Photoshop.

The first mission is to remove red eye from a photo (either yours on the one provided by Adobe). Once you’ve successfully used the Red Eye Tool and saved the file, you’ve earned your first points and reward.

Of course, you can brag about your accomplishment to your Facebook friends (thereby inviting inquiries from your mom to fix all the red-eyed photos in her collection). Sharing your LevelUp accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter also earns you more game points.

And you can see your standing on the monthly leader board.

Then it’s on to Mission 2: whitening teeth.

Now if only I could learn JavaScript by playing Angry Birds…

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