Adobe Launches Creative Cloud Market

Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers now have access to the Creative Cloud Market—a repository of royalty-free assets for use in their creative projects. To access the marketplace, make sure you have the most recent update to Creative Cloud 2014 and navigate to the Assets tab from within the Creative Cloud application.

CC Marketplace Interface

Assets include vector graphics, patterns, brushes, images for placement, icons, and even UI kits. Users are able to download 500 assets a month, in file formats including PSD, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. Search the marketplace for specific assets using keywords and categories. Strangely, you can only get to the category listing once you’ve entered a keyword. Perhaps future iterations of the marketplace will let you browse all vector images, for example. When you’ve found an asset you want to use, click on the download button. The asset is sent to your local Creative Cloud Files folder, which is in turn synced with your Creative Cloud account and is accessible via the web.

CC Marketplace Search

The collection of assets in the Creative Cloud Market isn’t huge, but will no doubt grow as more designers are tapped to contribute. And while it’s convenient to have the assets available via the web, it would be even more convenient to shop for—and directly use—the assets from within the individual Creative Cloud applications. The marketplace is not available to subscribers of the Creative Cloud Photography plan.

Posted on: July 17, 2014

Erica Gamet

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  1. You should let people know that if they’re running a Macintosh with an OS X version earlier than Lion (10.7) or a PC running a system version prior to Windows 7, they will not be able to install the Creative Cloud app and will have to settle for continuing to use Adobe Application Manager as is (i.e., it will not update itself into the CC app). I tried installing it twice on my 8-year-old Mac mini (still running Snow Leopard as its 32-bit CPU will not run Lion) and got nowhere. Same deal with my 7-year-old Vista laptop, and I cannot afford to upgrade the hardware as yet.

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