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Adobe Launches All-in-One Creative App, InDillushop/XD, Replacing Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign


[Editor’s note: This was our 2019 April Fool’s Post]

In a surprise mid-cycle move, Adobe announced today that their three core Creative Cloud applications — Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign — are being replaced with a new all-in-one application, InDillushop/XD. “We took the best and left the rest,” said Bryan L., Senior Vice President of Technology. “InDesign and those other programs had a good run, historically, but now it’s time to look ahead. We believe InDillushop/XD is the future of all visual design, from bus wraps to bubblegum wrappers, from digital magazines to XR via neural implants.”

InDillushop/XD logo

Branding for Adobe’s new program was created by one of Adobe’s top designers.

The three stand-alone programs, which revolutionized the creative industry for the past three decades, have been moved into End-of-Life track as of today, meaning Adobe will no longer support them or issue updates and patches. Instead, active Creative Cloud subscribers who have Auto Update enabled in their Creative Cloud application settings will find all versions of those programs have been deleted from their hard drive overnight and replaced with InDillushop/XD, which weighs in at just 397 GB. Other CC subscribers can download the new app on their own from the CC application.

“Creatives have been asking for this single-app approach for as long as I’ve been with Adobe,” said Denise S., Senior Public Relations Manager, “and now they’re going to get it. And they’ll like it, if I have any say. Which I do.”

A first look under the hood

In our early pre-release testing, it appears that Adobe has created the ultimate app, with every useful feature from InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop included, from the Twirl filter to Conditional Text.

The final punch list of good vs. useless features was curated by Mike Z., Senior Manager of Partner Strategy and Programs. “Youth input is important to Adobe, so I asked my kids and their friends what they liked in each of the three apps. I just wrote down what they said and gave the list to the engineers,” he said. “Photoshop was the only program they had heard of, but after a demo they admitted InDesign and Illustrator had some features they might use one day, when they were old.”

InDillushop/XD is based on Adobe’s new XD framework, making the software lightning fast. Due to its advanced architecture, it can run on virtually any mobile device, including a smartphone, Apple Watch, Blackberry, and first-generation Kindles.

Note that a separate hardware product, the Adobe MagNifier™, can be attached to the user via a headstrap to enlarge the interface.

As you can see in the image above (click to enlarge), you may never have to open another program again! With over 1,200 panels and toolbars (tip: make a custom workspace), everything’s at your fingertips.

Adobe Senior Director of Design, Eric S., pointed out that besides users tiring of switching apps, another important market pressure led to the move: “We kept hearing from our creative pro customers that they wanted to be like the cool kids and use something with XD in its name. Now they can!”

  • The perfect news release to that start off the work week!

  • Theunis De Jong says:

    “Super mega wide screen to show all palettes sold separately”, of course.

  • Ah, but you failed to mention the most useful feature—Auto-write. Having just finished Andrew Roberts excellent Churchill: Walking with Destiny, I told myself, “I really should do a Churchill biography.” But then I asked myself, “When will you find the time?”

    No problem. Auto-write to the rescue. I described the task and set the number of pages to 500. It is now busily researching and writing. It’s already reached Churchill’s participation in the Boer War as a young man. At that rate I predict it will have finished the entire book by late July or early August.

    Look for it at a bookstore near you.

  • Attilio Lucchese says:

    I have some excellent time-share property you guys would be interested in as well… LOL! Nice one!!

  • Jenn Andelova says:

    Instant panic until I read the “auto delete and replace”. Whew! You got me

  • Mike Magnan says:

    I was hooked until I saw the new logo.

  • Christie Burns says:

    And it’s free, right? Good one! First gotcha of the day.

  • Justin Ives says:

    April fool?

  • Ashish Sinha says:

    April Fool

  • Thameem says:

    ha ha, Apri fool.

  • Rance Shepstone says:

    That is messed up!

  • Neeraj says:

    If Adobe did it then it will create a history.It is demanding need from Adobe users.
    If it is fake news then Adobe should do it in real word soon.

  • Vicky Shea says:

    You guys got me!

  • Jason says:

    I got halfway through before I realized what day it is…

  • Wes says:

    Sounds like April Fools to me

  • Nice one!

    Reminds me of when Adobe almost ended Creative Cloud & Suite altogether:


  • Holly Valero says:

    Thank god. So much easier!

  • Mac Whitney says:

    unfortunately XD exporting blurry images IS NOT A JOKE

  • Vincent says:

    Nice work, you had me right up until i saw the tag. First time i gave damien for this in a long time, though might not be the worst idea.

    Darn it the running in s BlackBerry should have been the clue, but i was thinking, ok. Go home, unplug from the internet, stop auto update.

    Best a1 joke ever! Or close

  • Beki says:

    The logo is horrible even for a joke :)

  • Lisa Padgett says:

    Fantastic humor! Thanks for the great start to my day! Inspired me to do something fun with my business FB page for the day: turned Green Dog Graphic Design into Green Kitty Graphic Design for the day.

  • J. Lomoglio says:

    Goodbye Adobe, this idea is horrible, guess its time to start using Gimp. The UI on the new app is horrible and confusing. The name is stupid and its definitely not the future!!!

  • ahmad says:

    sounds like April fool to me! haha

  • James l Taylor says:

    I got mad just from the name. Lol

  • Indyphotoil says:

    You actually had me goin there. I was freaking out for a second lol thinking omg what have they done lol seeing as how this popped up in my google news feed.

  • Ms Chiv says:

    This made my day! Sent the link as assigned reading to my high school GrComm students to summarize in any decorative font as large as needed to fill minimum of two pages, due by midnight. Got some great responses from them – not summaries, frantic/lightbulb moment funny emails!

  • David McDougall says:

    Great app integration! Roll on WorXcElPoweROutlOokDriveIntegrateDsolutioN!

  • uMultimedia says:

    It’s going to be very cool.
    The link please….

  • Why Chrome recommend this article? It’s April fool. LOL

  • Corina VanDuinen says:

    I wish this were true! A good portion of my day is spent jumping from one app to the other. Every transition takes a minute to orient myself, remind myself what I’m looking to accomplish and how to do it. Sometimes I forget which app I’m in and get frustrated when I can’t find what I’m looking for.

  • Micky says:

    High key, though, I would pay for an Illustrator/Photoshop combo. The ability to work in vector and raster at the same time (albeit on separate layers) would be amazing.

  • horla says:

    lol!!!!! April fool!!!!! Was so excited!!! But its only a matter of time though

  • Christine Short says:

    I panicked a little, I have to admit…..like the time when I was told they were discontinuing Adobe Muse……with the exception being that that REALLY happened. Whew!

  • Prakash Shetty says:

    You will get free designer if you purchase pro version of this product!!!

  • Zulfikar says:

    Only adobe

  • Youssef says:

    holly!! You got me with this

  • David Ubon says:

    You guys really got me.

  • ?????? says:

    April fool

  • Mike T says:

    Adobe stock has fallen 7+ points today. I think we all know why.

  • Jamie says:

    Ah, if only! :)

  • Scott Citron says:

    April Fools?! Hell, you had me all worked up there for a moment. Damn.

  • Nancy Warren says:

    Fell for it. And thought, “Wow, finally an option to the big investment in the Creative Suite. What a great idea!” Alas, it’s not to be.

  • Civi B says:

    Loved it! I didn’t think of April Fools but the awful name had be suspecting that something is awry. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Erik B. says:

    Well played… I lost my ish to the entire design team until I realized when this article came out. It was so ridiculous I read the whole article out loud while making sarcastic comments. Man, am I gullible!

  • Gail Sawrie says:

    Like that Table, View, Window, and Help are repeated in the bar at the top. Probably would be needed! Well played, Adobe!

  • Anne says:

    I will Adobe would do this as long as they include all the features of the respective programs and include Acrobat Pro – Then they can call it Creative Suite Solo.

  • Anne says:

    I wish Adobe would do this as long as they include all the features of the respective programs and include Acrobat Pro – Then they can call it Creative Suite Solo.

  • Senthil Kumar D says:

    InDesign secrets, even in its joke Nice.
    I enjoyed much.
    Thankyou for your great sense of humour.

  • Dan says:

    I just had a cardiac arrest….

  • Masood Ahmad says:

    Despite Fool’s post, you’re giving ideas to Adobe to come up with something like this and who knows we’ll have something like this in near future. As you know Need is the Mother of Invention!

  • Alex Ibrahim says:

    But the #April_fool posts are very interesting

  • I love this so much. What a great laugh! You guys lol

  • Bob Young says:

    Let this be a lesson for those who thought we need an all-in-one program. Look at that sample screen! YIKES!

  • Neil B. says:

    I was a bit concerned when I opened my InDesign Secrets email newsletter today, also considering that April Fool’s Day was last week and I hadn’t seen the post until today (the 12th). Thanks for making me laugh, and the interface screen grab is great – and unsettling even when you know it’s a joke! I agitated enough over managing the current # of tool menus/windows.

    I think the Adobe MagNifier™ might actually be a good Idea for the current versions of the apps, since I’m one of those “old” designers mentioned above.

  • LRS says:

    I actually wish they would combine some of their programs. InDesign, Illustrator and XD, XD could be part of the interaction or maybe an extension. There are too many, they use different commands for same actions. It’s too much to keep up with.

  • Stephen Hall says:

    LOL. Maybe it should be called ‘Release+kill_later’ as a tribute app!

  • Good grief! I thought this was real until I read the comments! You can’t imagine the thoughts running through my head!

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