Adobe Ending Boxed Software Sales

The disc is dead.

If you have old boxed copies of Adobe’s Creative Suite products hanging out on your shelves, you might want to hold onto them, as they’re about to become collectibles. Recently it had been reported that as of May 1st, Adobe was discontinuing sales of the “boxed versions of Creative Suite family or Acrobat family…

And now Adobe has confirmed this (albeit in a very subtle manner) by adding a new entry to the Creative Suite FAQ: “Why is Adobe discontinuing boxed copies of the Creative Suite?”

Downloads of Creative Suite products aren’t being discontinued, so if you’re not interested in a Creative Cloud membership, you’ll still be able to buy a single product and own a perpetual license for it.

The move to discontinue boxed sales is not surprising, given the effort and focus Adobe has placed on its Creative Cloud offerings, and the success they’ve had. At last report, they were getting 10,000 new Creative Cloud subscriptions per week. Do the math, and that’s over half a million converts in a year.

Despite Adobe’s efforts to get the word out about the Creative Cloud, certain myths have persisted, like “the software runs in your browser,” “you have to be connected to the internet or the software stops working,” “when you cancel your membership, you lose your files,” etc.—all of which are untrue. Consult the Creative Cloud FAQ for more details.

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Posted on: March 14, 2013

Mike Rankin

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  1. the creative cloud (server farm in china) sucks

  2. While “when you cancel your membership, you lose your files” is not true, the truth is: “when you cancel your membership, you lose CONTROL OF your files”. You will need to re-subscribe to edit those native Adobe files again. And let’s hope that the program is still provided by Adobe when you decide to subscribe again. Adobe has a long record of killing programs. Freehand, LiveMotion, Pagemaker, PageMill, GoLive, etc…

  3. damn their pointed little heads!

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