Adobe CS5 Will Run on Intel Macs Only

Adobe says that future versions of its Creative Suite (currently at version 4) will run only on Intel-based Mac computers; Creative Suite 5+ will not work if you have a PowerPC-based Mac system. This decision was based on Apple withdrawing support for the PowerPC chip set with its new operating systems, beginning with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (V10.6). With Appleā€™s future development focused on Intel Macs, Adobe is aligning its resources accordingly.

Customers who own Creative Suite 3 and Creative Suite 4 will still be able to use the software on either a PowerPC-based Mac or an Intel-based Mac and do not have to upgrade their software. However, Adobe will not be developing for this platform other than for critical issues that may arise. For more information on this announcement, see the Creative Suite 4 FAQ.

There’s no official word yet on when Adobe will release the next version of the Creative Suite.

Note that this issue is limited to Macs and does not include the Windows operating system.

Posted on: August 12, 2009

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  1. i gues it’ll force my boss to get rid of my PowerPC G5 tower of doom and keep it only for Sys9 support, yay~

  2. It’s a crime when an industry-standard software company like Adobe forces a huge segment of their customer-base from PC to Mac. Thanks A LOT.

  3. Adobe will continue to release software that runs on the Windows platform. However, it will not release software for older Mac computers using PowerPC technology. Apple is also ceasing to release software for PowerPC-based Macs as of their next operating system, OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief,

  4. May be better understood and received by PC users if the article wasn’t title Adobe CS5 will run on Intel-based Macs Only.

  5. Poorly written articles like this just cause confusion. The article makes it appear that Adobe CS5 will only run on Macs — and not PCs. In fact, Adobe CS5 will only run on certain types of Macs now, but pretty much all PCs .

  6. When I read the title of this article, I thought that CS5 was only going to run on Macs, not Windows operating systems…until I got to the last line of the article. I think that the title of the article is misleading and can be misinterpreted (by people like me).

  7. The title could be easily changed to “Adobe CS5 Will Not Run on PPC Macs”

  8. The addition of the word Macintosh at the start of the Article Title would have indicated that this was not a withdrawal of Windows Support. Right now that caveat is only mentioned at the end of the article.

  9. I just bought my computer in Sept. 2006, spent over 5,000 with the whole works, I wanted to upgrade to the CS5, I could just puke, there should be a way that these new programs can be used with these computers that are Power PC Tower Mac G5.

    I am thinking about boycotting Apple and switching to PC.
    I’ve been an avid apple user since 1995.

  10. The rich get richer! What a waste of fast, reliable computers. I guess there was no global/environment thought in this. Shame on both of them.

  11. …been using CS2 since it came out. With the economy the way it has been, our small design shop (which has been in business for over 20 years) barely has enough to keep our remaining staff (all 3 of us) paid, let alone fork out $5-10k for 3 new/refurb’ed Intel Macs to replace our current lineup of Power Mac G5s (which we bought as refurb’ed units in Jan. 2007 before the **** really hit the fan) just to run updated software.

    Ever since I learned early on that they were not going to do a Universal version this time around, I thought it was a bad idea. Just wasn’t the right time for that, IMO.

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