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Achtung! Our InDesign Special Characters Guide in German

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One of the most popular downloads on the site is a 5-page PDF I put together a few years ago? and periodically update? called the InDesignSecrets Guide to Special Characters in InDesign. It shows every single Hidden Character and special Story Editor icon in the program in close-up view so you can use it as a field guide of sorts. You can see the original post about it here along with all the comments reminding me of some of the ones I neglected to include (“Split Footnote” hidden character? wow) which of course I duly added.

A couple weeks ago, an InDesign trainer based in Germany named Rudi Warttmann e-mailed me and said that his students and clients needed this translated into German, and would it be okay with me if he did so? How nice! I sent him the original InDesign files and he turned around a translated PDF in just a few days.

Thank you Rudi! By the way, if his name sounds familiar, it’s because yes, it’s the same Rudi Warttmann who used to be involved with MathType under his company name ITIP. He’s moved on and these days has a thriving design, training, and software sales business called topset Computersatz in Germany.

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  • Uwe Laubender says:

    See also Marc Autret’s PDF “Special Characters and Metacharacters InDesign CS4/CS5” at:

    Updated for InDesign CS5 June 24, 2011 ?


  • Rudi says:

    … which has been an invaluable help for me, especially because of the slight differences between the text and GREP meta characters.

    Great tip!


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