A Year in Illustrations

The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the unifying theme of a new book project coming to life via Kickstarter. “Yellow” is a collection of pictures—more specifically, illustrations—each depicting a week of the current year. The publishing group Off Life has gathered together 52 artists and assigned each of them a week and tasked them with illustrating a news story that broke during their assigned week. The creators, who specialize in illustration and comic books, feel that illustrations can depict a story in ways photojournalism can’t. Or won’t.
The Kickstarter campaign has raised twice the fundraising goal of approximately $15,000, with two weeks left to go. The rewards for backers are simple: copies of the book, artists’ prints, and a premium reward to have one of the artists illustrate an event from your life. From headline news to human interest stories to the death of B.B. King, each week of 2015 will come to life through the illustrated pages of this hardcover volume.

Posted on: October 15, 2015

Erica Gamet

Erica Gamet has been involved in the graphics industry for an unbelievable 30 years! She is a speaker, writer, and trainer, focusing on Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, Apple Keynote and iBooks Author, and other print- and production-related topics. She is a regular presence at CreativePro Week’s PePcon and InDesign Conferences, and has spoken at ebookcraft in Canada and Making Design in Norway. You can find Erica’s online tutorials at CreativeLive and through her YouTube channel. When she isn’t at her computer, she can be found exploring her new homebase of Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest.

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