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A Script for Relinking Images

Some time ago, a colleague and I were working on a catalog that consisted of hundreds of pages, housed across several documents stored in Dropbox. Every time my colleague would open the InDesign documents and work on them, she would link images from a shared Dropbox folder.

So far, so good. But soon I found that every time I worked on a document after she did, the images would all go missing and I had to relink them before I could proceed with my work. This was OK at first but became more than a little annoying after what felt like the 256th time! So I ended up writing a script to relink the images in an effort to maintain some sanity. And I thought that I should try to save others some hassle as well by sharing the script here at InDesignSecrets.

This script could also be used for an “on the go” employee who doesn’t always have access to a server that houses high-res images. You could store a low-res version of your image repository on your local hard drive and build your documents using that. You could then run this script to relink all of the low-res images with their high-res counterparts once you are able to connect to the proper server.

This script allows you to:

  • Relink all links in the current document or across all open documents.
  • Relink specific file types by specifying which file types you would like to relink.
  • Choose to relink missing links, modified links, or all links in the document, whether they are missing or not.

If your links are stored in multiple folders then you can simply run this script multiple times, choosing a different folder each time. It will only relink the files that can be found within the specified folder.

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You can download the InDesign Relinker script here.

If you need help installing the script, read this post.

  • Stephen says:

    I wish I’d found you last year! I worked in a studio that grew its team so quickly there was no server (because corporate reasons) and we resorted to Dropbox. And yes, we hit this exact problem with links breaking, and the tedious task of relinking after someone else worked on it, especially as assets were logically stored in different folders.
    Bookmarked for next time though. Thank you!

    • Jeremy Howard says:

      I’m happy to hear that someone else might find it useful. I wasn’t sure if this was a niche problem or not but I know I found the entire process quite tedious as well!

  • Christopher A McDougall says:

    Thank you for this! I work off a company server and I’m sure it’ll prove useful. While I do wish that Indesign would natively have functions such as these, it is very nice that people can write scripts that add them.

  • Jose Antonio Pulgarin Alvarez says:

    Thanks Jeremy!
    That goes directly to my Scrpits folder!

  • Mach says:

    Thank you very much for sharing and your work, but it would be great if the script could also search subfolders.

  • J W says:

    Many thx Jeremy!
    A real-world timesaver when needed
    Kasyan Servetsky did also kinda make similar script: Update path names in links 15.3
    Adobe should have been including similar nifty functions a long time ago in a CC update/upgrade

  • Pam Starnes says:

    How is this script different from the Link to Folder feature in the Indesign links panel?

    • Frans Van der Geest says:

      Right, how is this different to Relink to folder…?

    • Jeremy Howard says:

      In the standard links panel dialog, you have to go to a directory and locate a specific file to relink and then it will look for other missing links in that folder. It won’t update modified links when you do this.
      This script allows you to select a directory that contains images without needing to locate a specific image, making that process a bit more simple. This script will also update any modified links found in that directory (if you choose that option).
      The other, major difference here is that you can link to entirely different directory that contains images with the same names as the images in your document and relink images that aren’t missing in your document. Where this comes in handy is for people that work remotely or work from laptops “on the go”. They could keep a small, low-res version of an image library on their local hard drive that they build pages with and then run this script to relink to the high res versions once they connect to a server where those are stored.

      • Frans Van der Geest says:

        No, just select (all) images in the links panel, choose Relink to folder, select the folder. No need to relink one image first…

      • Pam Starnes says:

        I use the “Relink to Folder” feature multiple times a day to relink files to the appropriate High Res assets which are on a different partition than the low res assets. Provided that the asset names haven’t changed it relinks all images in one fell swoop. Same can be done for updating images. Select all image in links panel and press update button.

      • Jeremy Howard says:

        Ah, I forgot to mention that this script will also work on all open documents (if you choose to) allowing you to relink as many documents as you like all at once.

      • Pam Starnes says:

        Ahhh, multiple documents at once!! That’s the ticket! Well done!

  • Philip Taggart says:

    Great Script, as a catalog designer I have huge libraries of images that are sub-categorized by Alpha (think, say, 45 folders named by Product Group each containing 26 folders A-Z — and a sub-folder search as requested above would really be a major help – if you are able to update this script then I would love to be advised by email…

  • Adam Hesketh says:

    I use this script: ….which searches and finds images within sub-folders too – has saved me countless hours!!

  • Huibert Stolker says:

    We have the same Dropbox-missinglinks issue. Thank you a lot!

  • remco says:

    Question? The search subfolder option would be extremely handy. is it possible that this function is still being added, or does the script remain in its current form? great script by the way!

  • AARON F says:

    Would it be possible to edit this script to search the sub-folders too?

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