50 Well-Designed Infographics About Design (Part 1)

As you probably know, writers (like me) writing articles for publications (like CreativePro.com) typically have a limit on the length of what we write. A 500-word article is a short, focused piece while a 2,000-word article can touch on a bunch of areas or fully explore one focused line of thought. Going much beyond 2,000 words exits the realm of magazine-style articles and enters the lands of novella, essay, and even short ebooks—none of which fit into magazine-style publications (like CreativePro.com). Once in a while, though, there’s a way to put more information into a piece than fits within the word count. That’s today’s article.

Like the Tardis, this article is bigger on the inside. Here’s my 600-word article with about 6,000 words of excellent design facts, figures, and information that would have taken me months of weekly articles to delivery to you on my own. And all of this great information is packaged in infographics that are fine examples of data visualization from which to draw your own infographic design inspiration. Like that famous time-traveling blue box, this article is bigger on the inside and, thanks to the infographics, attractively packaged. It’s actually part one of a two-part series, with 25 infographics, with about 6,000 words contained by 600, in each installment.

Scattered throughout are even a few infographics about infographics. Be careful with these! Reading them for too long is tantamount to staring too long into the heart of the Tardis! You could become omniscient or a vegetable. (Incidentally, here’s a nifty Doctor Who timeline infographic.)

Each thumbnail links to the full-sized graphic on its original Website. For your convenience we’ve made each of those links pop open in a new tab or window. To return here, simply close that tab or window.


What Infographics Are



The State of Infographics: The Rise of a Revolutionary Marketing Tool



The State of Graphic Design, 2012 Edition



A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer



A Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Clients



29 Ways to Stay Creative



A Visual Thinking Methodology



What Does Your Brand Stand For?



Steps of the Branding Process



True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business



Color Increases Brand Recognition by 80%



How Do Colors Affect Purchases?



Color Meanings in Design



The Art of Color Coordination



Color Theory (Poster A)



Color Theory (Poster B)



The Colors of the Web: The Colors of the Top 100 Web Brands



The Psychology of Color



The Anatomy of a Web Designer



Web Designing from Evolution to Revolution



What to Put Above the Fold for Successful Blog Design &



iOS App Designer Guide to Cool Design & Developer Love



The Evolution of Digital Advertising



The Copywriting Infographic



Typography Timeline


If you really like infographic design and data visualization, as I do, follow my Infographic & Data Visualization Pinterest board. You might also want to check out 25 Space-Related Infographics, from August 2012, right after, and inspired by, the Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

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Posted on: February 11, 2013

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