50 Designers’ Desks: Part 2

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Where and how we work directly influences our creativity.

What does your workspace look like? Is it neat or messy? Is your desk adorned with toys and gadgets to inspire the imagination of your inner child or is it a picture of minimalism, providing as blank a canvas as possible for your uncluttered creative inspiration?

Do you work in a cubicle, an office, a closet, or someplace else? What equipment do you need on your desk? What personal effects do you like on your desk?

In this two-part article I’ll showcase 50 designers’ desks. You’ll see humble dorm room design student desks, elegant and lavish workstations in large firms, and everything in between.

Click on the picture to visit its source, which often has additional views of the same workspace and shots of other interesting workspaces.

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Posted on: June 3, 2013

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  1. Interesting collection

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