25 Gorgeous Typographic Experiments

Ah, typography! Is there anything that inspires print designers more? No? Then get inspired by these creative type experiments.

Type Has Muscles
Muscle car-inspired typography. Vroom!

Skate Park Type
Ollie the alphabet

Amped up type made from coffee grounds

Hand-Made Type—Literally!

Helvetica Experiments
Love it or hate it, Helvetica makes for slick treatments.

George Stoyanov
Design and typography love Hungarian style.

Museum-displayed piece exploring type in daily life—in this case, in cigarettes.

Letterform for the Ephemeral
People as letterforms worthy of Sesame Street.

Type Fluid
An ambitious 3D fluid alphabet.

Salt Type
Season to taste

Breaking Type
When type is pushed too far, it can crack under the stress.

Moving Graffiti
Don’t stare too long.

Smoking Kills
And this typography is killer.

Juuvy Theme
Light, fun, and foldy.

Knotty Type
Letterforms go au naturale.

Play Gritty
Tasty typography that will leave bits in your teeth.

Do Not Fear Your Fear
Street art style advice

Lettering Poster
More than 180 letterings (and a few illustrations) combine into one cool poster

DIY Coffee House Type
This one’s the result of a tutorial using Photoshop and some grungy old New York sensibilities.

Penguin Drop Caps Covers
Jessica Hische’s cover illustrations for the volumes in the Penguin Drop Caps book series.

Amsterdam Art Price
Retro pen-and-ink

Second Nature
An organic render by the North American Quilting Guild

Number One
Fitting branding for a paper company.

LED a Porter
Light-drawn letterforms adorn an LED manufacturer’s catalog.

When asked to draw the anatomy of type the designer took things literally—to spectacular results.

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Posted on: April 28, 2013

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  1. these are beautiful. thanks… great food for a typoholic!

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