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Customizing Keynote’s Toolbar

Similar to most Adobe programs, Apple’s Keynote is chock full of useful features. Unlike Adobe’s panel-based user interfaces, though, Keynote uses buttons and menus to access functionality. So many buttons and menus. I constantly have to stop myself from trying to force Keynote to understand Adobe keyboard shortcuts. Instead of trying to hunt down every […]

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Top CreativePro Articles of 2015

What a year 2015 has been for us at and for you, our readers! Thank you for your continued support. A quick recap: Over the past 12 months we’ve published over 200 original articles that covered your favorite topics: design, typography, photography, color, layout, and the business of graphic design. Also, freshened its design, added […]

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Setting InDesign’s Display Performance

I spend a lot of time helping people troubleshoot their InDesign files. I love trying to figure out a good mystery, so I’m always up for the challenge. One question I have been asked for years has to do with onscreen image quality. The question usually goes something like, “My images look really jaggedy onscreen, […]

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Tip of the Week: Use Quick Apply to Drag and Drop Text

This tip was sent to Tip of the Week email subscribers on December 24, 2015. Sign up now and every week you’ll get a new InDesign Tip of the Week and Keyboard Shortcut of the Week, along with roundups of new articles at InDesignSecrets, plus exclusive deals sent right to your Inbox! Just scroll all the way down […]

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A Film Technique for Your Digital Photography

Before Picture Elements (“pixels” for short) were a gleam in some IBM engineer’s eye, image capture involved gelatin-coated film, darkrooms and an array of messy, smelly chemicals of varying degrees of toxicity, but we loved it. Back then, “image capture” was called “taking photographs.” (And, by the way, get off my lawn.) “Analog” photography evolved […]

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