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Podcast 217

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD view the transcript of this podcast. In this episode: Top Posts of 2014: A look back Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Report Abuse Quizzler answer, and the winner! News and special offers from our sponsors: >> ID-Extras has a cool range of InDesign add-ons and scripts especially for book and other long-document publishing, many […]

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Classic Concert Posters Reimagined

Camera rotated to take photo

This article was originally published in InDesign Magazine #64 (August 2014). Subscribe now! Many a graphic designer’s introduction to the profession has been through the design of music flyers: advertising gigs for your own band or for your friends’ was a way to keep down costs, but more importantly to convey the band’s aesthetic beyond the music. Long […]

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InDesign Magazine Issue 69: Wireframing and Prototyping

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 69 (January, 2015) is now available! This month’s theme is Workflow and Prototyping: how you can design interactive content for websites and apps. Here’s what the issue includes: Justin Putney explains how you can use InDesign to assist in the task of creating interactive content for websites and apps. Mike […]

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Get Creative with This iOS 8 Keyboard

Why type your texts or use the same tired emoji icons in your emails when you could send a hand-drawn creation instead? The DrawType keyboard lets you do just that on your iPhone. New to iOS 8, custom keyboards let you choose how you input information into your mobile apps. With DrawType, you create a […]

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